Management and maintenance software

S@G@ Dynamic

ROCH Service provides street lighting infrastructures owners and their managers with the S@G@ Dynamic software, both technical database and geolocation management and decision support tool. This software is dedicated to the management and maintenance of public lighting and traffic light assets.

Interactive software S@G@ Dynamic is the software dedicated to street lighting and traffic lights. Genuine operational and strategic management tool, S@G@ Dynamic allows, through an ergonomic and intuitive interface, immediate updating of data and monitoring of field interventions. A dedicated module manages the results of photometric and energy audits. All this information is integrated in a dashboard, essential to the management and optimization of street lighting assets. S@G@ Dynamic can be used on any number of computers. A version dedicated to mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) is available. All data remains the property of street lighting infrastructures owners  and may at any time be exported in different file formats (Excel, SHAPE, …).

A software with multiple features

  • Dashboard
  • Monitoring and updating of public lighting and traffic lights assets
  • Maintenance management and monitoring of field interventions
  • Monitoring of regulatory controls
  • Display of energy performance
  • Multiple maps
  • Advanced multi-criteria searches
  • Import / export of data to GIS softwares
  • Automated activity Report

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