Photometric diagnosis: the objective is to measure Light Intensity

Standard and recommendations

Road lighting performance requirements are defined according to the following standard and recommendations:

  • European standard EN 13201 (parts 1 to 4), main standard for the photometric performance of a street lighting installation,
  • Recommendations on street lighting installations, published by national authorities (AFE, SLG, LTG, UKLB, VGU…).

The different types of Light Intensity measurements proposed by ROCH Service

  • Continuous illuminance and/or luminance measurement of street lights, with the objective of obtaining an overall and a detailed analysis of the photometric performance of an installation according to European standard EN 13201.
  • Specific measurements: measurements related to accessibility of the elderly and disabled people, sidewalks, tunnels, underground parking, stadium…

The ROCH Service photometric diagnosis results are delivered on a paper format, on an IT support and through the S@G@ software. It covers the following points:

  • The luminance measurement (point by point measurement, average road surface luminance, overall and longitudinal uniformities),
  • The horizontal illuminance measurement (point by point measurement, average road section illuminance, overall uniformity),
  • The comparison of the luminance and illuminance results to the standard performance requirements.

Benefits of the diagnosis proposed by ROCH Service

  • The processed data allows the infrastructure owner to identify under lit or over lit road sections, resulting into potential energy savings and improved safety conditions,
  • All the measured data are available on the on line S@G@ software which allows a detailed analysis of each light source, pedestrian crossing, conflict areas, road sections,
  • A relevant analysis: each street is analyzed in thirty meters sections, a distance that corresponds to the average interdistance between two columns,
  • A detailed analysis of the conflict areas (crosswalk, footpath, cycle track, roundabout, junction…), potential sources of accident.

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